WowCraft Ep 22 Need For Greed

20 cze 2015
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  • /gkik

    Cory WalshCory Walsh8 dni temu
  • This is so sad :(

    Destruccion+IVADestruccion+IVA17 dni temu
  • I feel sorry for this guy 😢

    Lin MyatLin Myat23 dni temu
  • "If someone steals your items, the video ends"

    Francesco.MorriconeFrancesco.MorriconeMiesiąc temu
  • actually happened to me once😅😅😭

    Mattia LonghinMattia LonghinMiesiąc temu
  • Plot twist: It´s a hunter´s axe.

    The SparkThe Spark2 miesięcy temu
  • Just realized they don't have a healer.

    A AA A3 miesięcy temu
  • where is that music from

    vocêvocê4 miesięcy temu
  • LF new tank

    OnarassOnarass5 miesięcy temu
  • “Mind if I roll need?”

    Drayce PhantomDrayce Phantom6 miesięcy temu
  • Thank you for reminding me why I avoid MMOs. And people, generally.

    LadyDoomsingerLadyDoomsinger6 miesięcy temu
  • Boahn's Fang Item Level 20 Binds when equippedTwo-HandAxe35 - 53 DamageSpeed 2.50(17.60 damage per second) +9 Strength +4 Spirit Durability 75 / 75Requires Level 15 Sell Price: 20 84 Dropped by: Boahn Drop Chance: 31.19%

    JaJa的奇妙邏輯 _YT_JaJa的奇妙邏輯 _YT_7 miesięcy temu
  • I LL ne that Kind of Tank in Low Level dungeons ;)

    Uncrownded GamingUncrownded Gaming7 miesięcy temu
  • Omg, the warrior, I'm dying!

    David KlingDavid Kling7 miesięcy temu
  • That right there is why I quit playing. Four different groups in a row with the tank being shit and too fucking weak to agro the enemies. My fucking regular attacks did more damage then every one of those tanks could deal out with their best moves, and they were higher LVL!!!! For fuck sake on the last run I did the healer gave up on the two-hit-and-dead tank and focused on my rogue. AGAIN all the tanks were different players and HIGHER LVL!!! But no, it wasn't working with numbnuts that built their characters wrong, or the healers refusing to heal the one guy that would get the fucking dungeon (or whatever it was called) over with in ten minutes or less instead of almost a fucking hour! NO! I quit because I didn't have a choice if I wanted to complete a gear set for my rogue, I had to do those team dungeons to get it. Made no fucking sense. But the rage-quit icing on the cake was the fact that I didn't get a SINGLE FUCKING ITEM through all four dungeons!!! Fuck that game!

    Matt ColinMatt Colin7 miesięcy temu
  • this is why you always group with friends, and try not to pug that shit.

    demonpride1975demonpride19757 miesięcy temu
  • LMAO! lol

    Sam ShehanSam Shehan8 miesięcy temu
  • Thank god they removed the rolls ...

    BarBearian_SkelBarBearian_Skel8 miesięcy temu
  • What a drop is wailing caverns

    Freja KLFreja KL8 miesięcy temu
  • watching this video, i was hyped for classic wow... but then everything changed when the mages, botters, and multiboxers took over, now i can hardly play classic with out everything being ruined

    JokerJoker9 miesięcy temu
  • And that is why personal loot is my favorite feature.

    VindicoVindico9 miesięcy temu
  • When 3 people use staff out of 5 but the Hunter gets it

    Felicián SzarkaFelicián Szarka9 miesięcy temu
  • So, you know how i feel, when the tanky prot pally greed the juicy intell ring before my poor priest...ragequit INC.

    peterson70fulpeterson70ful9 miesięcy temu
  • Right in the feel goods. He was so happy :’)

    warryenwarryen9 miesięcy temu
  • And that's why you roll need

    Zephyr 2099Zephyr 20999 miesięcy temu
  • Parashockx theme :D

    EdgarSIPEdgarSIP10 miesięcy temu
  • I remember getting my first epic loot as a rogue!. Nightstalker helm!!!. I was so stoked. That helm is bad ass.

    rogan Brogan B10 miesięcy temu
  • 😭

    Gamer ThorGamer Thor10 miesięcy temu
  • Always hated warlocks for that fing reason lol

    Brian RhodesBrian Rhodes10 miesięcy temu
  • And someone got blacklisted there, then ghetto hearthed.

    Fefnir EindraerFefnir Eindraer10 miesięcy temu
  • who knows the "lalala" song name?

    PepoPepo10 miesięcy temu
  • Not enough murders happen to those people in real life.

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPaw10 miesięcy temu
  • прикольные видео ролики

    GiTiWwwGiTiWww11 miesięcy temu
  • Hey, this Video is Very Very nice! ;)

    MückeMückeRok temu
  • It was a two handed anyway the warlock made better use of it

    João PáduaJoão PáduaRok temu
  • Story of my life?

    John LauJohn LauRok temu
  • 1:04 music name?

    Facunndo Leonel QuinteroFacunndo Leonel QuinteroRok temu
  • That is exactly me when I tank. XD

    ThunderwellThunderwellRok temu
  • If you fail to claim or cannot use/take the raid loot, the video ends WoW, any raid

    Ryo TanadaRyo TanadaRok temu
  • The warlock ate an apple even during the fight )

    Vladislav KurdyukovVladislav KurdyukovRok temu
  • The taunt animation was extremely funny.

    Netherlord SynNetherlord SynRok temu

    Lilromeo615videos OwnerLilromeo615videos OwnerRok temu
  • The video ends at 1:25

    Félix BironFélix BironRok temu
  • Have had this happen many times...a couple the guy wasn’t even an enchanter, he literally went and sold in on the auction house right after the dungeon -.-

    SupsasSupsasRok temu
  • Даже через столько лет я понимаю эту боль особенно когда ты воин

    Wer WersgWer WersgRok temu
  • 캐안습

    레바는내꺼야레바는내꺼야Rok temu
  • 😭

    max millermax millerRok temu
  • I see nothing wrong here, if you really need a piece of gear, u should say/tell that in chat before rolling, i just need or greed, but i can pass if needed and the player wasnt carry over the entire dungeon.

    Rumba AllDayRumba AllDayRok temu
  • Вот это крутой выпуск,! ))) Потому что я играл орком воином, и прекрасно понимаю этот момент ! ))

    Путь ДомойПуть ДомойRok temu
  • And that's how you spend 30 minutes in que waiting fro a second tank you $@#$!

    James A.James A.Rok temu
  • Yeah whenever that happens, avoid that player like the plague.

    Bottas HeimfeBottas HeimfeRok temu
  • Yup I remember that

    Brian RhodesBrian RhodesRok temu
  • 빌어먹을 마부자 놈 개공감되네

    김건일김건일Rok temu
  • I have the same daydreams when a new weapon drops for me

    CerinpippityCerinpippityRok temu
  • There's not one true WoW player that doesn't know that pain. Fuck you warlock, fuck you right in the ass!

    TactrixTactrixRok temu
  • Я бы после этого реально бы вычислил по IP :D

    Варп ТрипперВарп ТрипперRok temu
  • Carbot predicted Shadowlands

    Oleg ShevchenkoOleg ShevchenkoRok temu
  • We all knew what was going to happen, but it still hurts to see... Come back when you're max level, buddy. You can farm it solo for the transmog.

    LucifronzLucifronzRok temu
  • xD

    Christofer Orlando Burga BustamanteChristofer Orlando Burga BustamanteRok temu
  • I like how imp started clapping too lol

    ImmagonkoImmagonkoRok temu
  • This is Sadid from the WACFU cartoon

    Дед морозДед морозRok temu
  • reason i dont play wow

    TroglodyteTroglodyteRok temu
  • Man I hate that warlock

    EathosEathosRok temu
  • Imp's face tho hahahah

    EljEljRok temu
  • I dont miss the old roll system.

    Bryan DaigleBryan DaigleRok temu
  • As a Warrior, this hits too close to home... :(

    freakjob0freakjob0Rok temu
  • This but with more rogues and hunters

    Arguably the WorstArguably the WorstRok temu
  • Just don’t do that. Breaks teammates heart. Don’t do that

    Bomin FangBomin FangRok temu
  • 4 years later..... it's happening all over again xD....poor warrior.

    RBRBRok temu
  • It’s people like that that make me tank less. I’ve lost count on how many times this has happened to me.

    Beagleman85Beagleman85Rok temu
  • lalalaallalalaallallallalalalalallalalaallaalalalalaalllllaalallalalallalaal

    Darel Mont.Darel Mont.Rok temu
  • It's funny because it's true

    Aizhen1sevenAizhen1sevenRok temu
  • Always an Undead player.

    Basil PlantBasil PlantRok temu
  • the pain! the horror!

    stubsstubsRok temu
  • Печаль беда абида

    САФАРИ !САФАРИ !Rok temu
  • I remeber then Time I rolled 99 and then someone rolled 100

    Jabberwock LDJabberwock LDRok temu

    Erdem K.Erdem K.Rok temu
  • This is classic dubs :V

    Oscar HurtadoOscar HurtadoRok temu
  • My first charater is hunter, and a fukin warlock took the Naga Heartpiercer was the first time i felt so piss while playing video game.

    Eric TangEric TangRok temu
  • Too painful to watch...

    Александр ТычинаАлександр ТычинаRok temu
  • I never understood why Need was a higher roll than Greed. Everyone knows Greed is beyond Need.

    Marked AshamedMarked AshamedRok temu
  • It’s lies! Wouldn’t he get a shard instead of dust for an item off a dungeon boss, unless I guess the boss dropped a green item, but they don’t to my knowledge. D:

    Tuscani JTuscani JRok temu
  • It used to be mainly hunters that did that shit. Like one of the earliest ashkandi wielders was a hunter

    sensible self-defensesensible self-defenseRok temu
  • Would have been more realistic if it was a hunter. Vanilla hunters and all burn in hell.

    Gringo EspanaGringo EspanaRok temu
  • That is one of the points i do not want to play old WoW versions. None can roll NEED the gear they cannot use. So no warlock like this will get warrior weapon that warrior actually needs.

    Milanor 221Milanor 221Rok temu
  • Every1 has felt this deep in their soul.

    freezaplanet419freezaplanet419Rok temu
  • Ouch, i've never knew warlocks had such a powerful taunt.

    bgcvetanbgcvetanRok temu
  • If that happens enough times in classic they'd get a bad rep and become ostracized by the server's community

    Dan LeadDan LeadRok temu
  • This is why they got rid of the old need/greed system and introduced personal loot.

    The Nerd BeastThe Nerd BeastRok temu
    • Aye, I suppose this would be why they replaced occasional frustration with constant boredom

      JRedNoseJRedNoseRok temu
  • that's the best illustration of what holding agro is. I've ever seen :D

    Arun GamingArun GamingRok temu
  • Dammit Warlock, that was totally an hunter weapon.

    HeartArrowAndKeyHeartArrowAndKeyRok temu
  • If you do this you should be banned forever.

    Nicklas ThulesenNicklas ThulesenRok temu
  • And this is why personal loot system was invented lol

    VicVicRok temu
  • this will happen over and over again in classic haha

    GruntzGruntzRok temu
    • did between me and an undead lock last month involving an edgemaster handguard on an maraudon run i was tanking, hence why i was compelled to visit this video, derp ull probably laugh at what happened after that because of how enraged i was

      borgriborgriRok temu
  • Oh my GOD!!!!!!

    Cláudio GrossoCláudio GrossoRok temu
  • This is not even funny, it just boils my blood.

    bubaloow123bubaloow123Rok temu
  • "We'll make him eat an apple, so he looks even more like an asshole"

    RhodosGuardRhodosGuardRok temu
  • On your main: wow this is amazing I'm so happy. Asshole from guild: wow this would be nice for my alt. Rot in hell you bastard.

    T KizzleT KizzleRok temu
  • DE'ing items people need and showing them the shards in trade :3 Always a great conversation starter!

    Tobias AndersenTobias AndersenRok temu
  • hurts

    soul greenhillsoul greenhillRok temu