Diablol 2 Ep 18 "Heart Attack"

27 mar 2021
269 522 wyświetleń

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  • oof that jah rune

    PiskaPiska2 dni temu
  • Druid so suck.

    李乐李乐9 dni temu

    Garrett StroupGarrett Stroup10 dni temu
  • I always remember the sewers for being a bit of a pain in the ass. Not as bad as the fetish place though.

    IAteItGuyIAteItGuy11 dni temu
  • Like watching a documentary.

    samljersamljer11 dni temu
  • Druids go up!!!

    Sieg KurstSieg Kurst11 dni temu
  • dont know if it's because im high right now but ive been laughing at the soj announcement for like 10 min lol

    Pierre MorinPierre Morin11 dni temu

    zaubergardenzaubergarden13 dni temu
  • omg i almost clicked on the jah xD

    Breton QuentinBreton Quentin13 dni temu
  • jajajaja genial

    Zelnogar GrZelnogar Gr15 dni temu
  • ..... I think you should consider making a plushie or something of the Druid's wolf. I'd buy in a heartbeat.

    PaxAriadnePaxAriadne15 dni temu
  • 1:20 as a Lv.80 elemental druid many years ago, this brought me some painful memories.

    Daniel LópezDaniel López16 dni temu
  • Сижу смотрю и плачу )))

    dima sevrukovdima sevrukov16 dni temu
  • After episode 16, I thought you were going to skip Act 3 like most of us did on new characters xD

    Hage MaohHage Maoh17 dni temu
  • I had an adrenaline rush when that Jah dropped

    rertrie zendoffrertrie zendoff17 dni temu
  • 0:33 Jah Rune

    유상현유상현17 dni temu
  • 😆

    Jim Bob's ArcadeJim Bob's Arcade17 dni temu
  • soooo gooood

    AsheiraAsheira18 dni temu
  • every d2 parody is exact like my memories from back then XD you need to go out of my head now XP

    Null undefinedNull undefined19 dni temu
  • Good pup

    Nunovya BiznezNunovya Biznez19 dni temu
  • Awsome:D

    G0rg0G0rg019 dni temu
  • 0:05 Should've had all but the last overgrown one crossed out.

    Господин ЮрийГосподин Юрий20 dni temu
  • That Jah rune drop tho :D

    OwnedByGalateaOwnedByGalatea20 dni temu
  • 01:04 Needs Chris Redfield here

    PolloCoco뽀요꼬꼬PolloCoco뽀요꼬꼬20 dni temu
  • Really love the Diablo Car Bot series this is twice as entertaining searching for Khalim parts

    Shawn RichardsShawn Richards21 dzień temu
  • Rune is Best!

    Pavel KravtsovPavel Kravtsov21 dzień temu
  • This Serie are so fuckn true

    Fekux JaenischFekux Jaenisch21 dzień temu
  • this, right here, is why my druid summoners always carried bows.

    Dave WahlerDave Wahler21 dzień temu
  • Memories...

    Sande SandeSande Sande21 dzień temu
  • I was waiting for "Diablo Walks The Earth" - gotta make a new game quick

    Jordan SmithJordan Smith21 dzień temu
  • That slowly sliding shrine coughing up a rune stone :P

    Justin ShaddixJustin Shaddix22 dni temu

    CbassCbass22 dni temu
  • Lol the zubat noise was GOLD

    Daniel ReisDaniel Reis22 dni temu
  • Things getting difficoult

    Lord FoscandorLord Foscandor22 dni temu
  • come and look upon the heart. and bring wraithguard. i have need of it.

    Makuta FirkaxMakuta Firkax22 dni temu
  • Pretty shocked that when Jah run droped assasin didnt show up out of nowhere to steal it ;D

    LaZziiLLa WQRWiLLaLaZziiLLa WQRWiLLa22 dni temu
  • 0:33 Jah Rune - its epic fail

    Mark YatskovMark Yatskov22 dni temu
  • ouch missing a jah rune, that's heart breaking

    JugaPawz27JugaPawz2722 dni temu
  • 00:10 is she from Diablo2 Ep3???

    102 world102 world22 dni temu

    Charles DaughertyCharles Daugherty22 dni temu
  • this is painfully real....

    Ramon BernardesRamon Bernardes23 dni temu
  • Love the show. It's so true I have actually quite playing after years of enjoying the game for one simple reason. Now day's there are nothing but bots. You never actually play with ppl. You simply join and for the most part let the bots do the work. Sounds easy except any good loot that dropped they grab.

    Shay JenkinsShay Jenkins23 dni temu
  • I laughed so fucking hard when that jah rune popped out of the hidden stash

    DefiledDefiled23 dni temu
  • I almost barfed up my soup when I saw the tornados veer off target.

    Optimator7Optimator723 dni temu
  • Не особо интересный эпизод получился)

    Agent QracleAgent Qracle23 dni temu
  • Oh gods, that Jah tune T_T

    KrystianKrystian23 dni temu
  • Relatable ;)

    AttractiveGDAttractiveGD23 dni temu
  • 🙀 carbot doing the system announcement! 😺👍🏾

    Luxuria GoldLuxuria Gold23 dni temu
  • The Zubat noise...carbon needs to make more reference to Pokémon😂

    Grace DSGrace DS23 dni temu
  • Only thing missing is Werewolf wearing off at the worst possible moment, leaving the Druid running around in his underpants.

    SD78 SmithSD78 Smith23 dni temu
  • Love seeing that dead Rogue from act 1 who washed down the river turn up.

    OdbarcOdbarc23 dni temu
  • what is that thing flowing in the river?

    DogquackDogquack23 dni temu
  • I love how after all these years i see the rune and go "NOOOO MY JAH RUNE! wait, how do i know thats a Jah? Is it a Jah? [check comments] I knew that."

    GimmisomesoapGimmisomesoap24 dni temu
  • I love every episode🤗

    Big ChungusBig Chungus24 dni temu
  • Finally some love for the Druid!

    Malte SchaperMalte Schaper24 dni temu
  • Should have summoned a Spirit Wolf to teleport across and nab that bat, Dire Wolves can't TP!

    JakeCWolfJakeCWolf24 dni temu
  • its not the same without barb trying to wear the heart as a hat

    erbgorreerbgorre24 dni temu
  • No!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pick up that god damn Rune at once!!!!

    JinHwan YangJinHwan Yang24 dni temu
  • waiting for explodies in next episode

    Seongjae KimSeongjae Kim24 dni temu
  • Hey! It's the useless merc from Act 1! =D And where are the other heroes?

    Mallory SFMallory SF24 dni temu
  • Jajajaja that zelda chest discovery sound lol!! 😂 😂 😂 😂

    Luis A NuñezLuis A Nuñez24 dni temu
  • Diablo + pokemon + DBZ and Zelda sfx, now you have finally achieved your final form, carbot

    diegowfrk1diegowfrk124 dni temu
  • Hmm, I was especting an "art attack" refference

    Clã TNCClã TNC24 dni temu
  • I always played as Druid

    Wyswobodzeni do wolnościWyswobodzeni do wolności24 dni temu
  • Jah rune drop, lol

    Nazar DDNKNazar DDNK24 dni temu
  • Nice Cham rune.

    Luciano CasaroliLuciano Casaroli24 dni temu
  • Dat Jah

    Vincent LinVincent Lin24 dni temu

    JosephMartinJosephMartin24 dni temu
  • Too ashamed to ask...but which monsters do zubats here represents? I never fought serious enough to recognise the monsters at sewers

    Kelvin TsoKelvin Tso24 dni temu
  • There's _always_ a sewer level.

    HyShadeHyShade24 dni temu
  • do you make these animations alone?

    EasymationEasymation24 dni temu
  • the dog/wolf was so cute! XD I like the druid pets design in this vids ♥♥♥

    MrRomio1406MrRomio140624 dni temu
  • This cartoons make me laugh every single time, Keep it up ;)

    haufe012haufe01224 dni temu
  • Those act 3 chests really do take forever to drop stuff

    GARhenusGARhenus24 dni temu
  • Love these!

    Alexander TAlexander T24 dni temu
  • Most big problem in sewers is the dolls, that instant kill everybody when you killed one of them.

  • I love druids `grrrrrr` stance. Like little kid being angry :)

    Ladovinka513Ladovinka51324 dni temu
  • druid finally finds the heart. wolf: "this is mine now."

    Dallas StoneDallas Stone24 dni temu
  • 0:33 Jah епта. :)

    GuffychGuffych24 dni temu
  • Hilarious the delay in the stone chest animation.

    Viking IIViking II24 dni temu
  • Man, that weird stone chest really hit home... Like, too hard even.

    hitlordhitlord24 dni temu
  • Carbot's animations never disappoint. So uh, when can we expect some Diablo 3(aka Path of Exile) animations?

    StudleyDuderightStudleyDuderight24 dni temu
  • Druid getting the heart with a zelda sound XD

    AkandofaulAkandofaul24 dni temu
  • Brilliant. As usual.

    ciromfciromf24 dni temu
  • My Jah dropped when that hidden stash finally opened..

    Tim ChambersTim Chambers24 dni temu
  • Jah moment

    V3LSTADTV3LSTADT24 dni temu
  • I loved all the twisters absolutely refusing to go near where they were aimed. xD

    D.T.MD.T.M24 dni temu
  • 1:19

    warptenswarptens24 dni temu
  • Those tornadoes 😂

    iGhostiGhost25 dni temu
  • Excellent video. 👍🏻

    G_N_PartyG_N_Party25 dni temu
  • Stupid Zubat noise made me laugh so hard!

    Andrei MedonAndrei Medon25 dni temu
  • i'm 100% sure i lost a stash-full of HRs in kurast chests

    Marcos CMarcos C25 dni temu
  • This one is my favourite. Well done lads!

    daerthandaerthan25 dni temu
  • stupid as always

    cyberneticdex69cyberneticdex6925 dni temu
  • Hey guys what do they say at the first second of the video pls xD: Im being what? xD

    patoul100patoul10025 dni temu
    • @Mantaur104 thank you

      patoul100patoul10022 dni temu
    • Repressed. It's what Peasants say in Warcraft 3 if they're clicked on too many times (it's a joke from Monty Python and the Holy Grail).

      Mantaur104Mantaur10424 dni temu
  • Doggo!

    schonnjschonnj25 dni temu
  • Thought I'd at least see one, ominous red balloon in the background, or outside the swear entrance!

    IsenhartIsenhart25 dni temu
  • Tornado part...so true hahahahahaha Oh yea i always wondered where was that rogue merc from Act 1 :D now we know haha

    XeNoNXeNoN25 dni temu
  • No exploding Undead nuking the party. -5/10

    Chris BingleyChris Bingley25 dni temu
  • great video

    custumecustume25 dni temu