Diablo 2 Cartooned Announcement (CarBot Graphics Pack)

1 kwi 2021
303 714 wyświetleń

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  • I thought this was real. Now i'm sad.

    JamesJames46 minut temu
  • The balance in this game is shit. 7/10 too many pixels.

    Caleb JanusCaleb Janus51 minuta temu
  • aww this is april fools? Damn

    PlacerPlacer4 godzin temu
  • Disablo II LOL

    Man of CultureMan of Culture5 godzin temu
  • cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kawaiiiiiiii j want play

    Filip QWERTYFilip QWERTY5 godzin temu
  • Shut up and take my money!

    Andrii DemianovAndrii Demianov6 godzin temu

    Diego BastosDiego Bastos7 godzin temu
  • Angels in the outfield on dvd 🤣🤣🤣

    Dick RickDick Rick8 godzin temu
  • Olly ad McDonal

    MoshmanMoshman16 godzin temu
  • And this will be better than the diablo resurrected!!

    mario morenomario moreno18 godzin temu
  • #ThereIsNoCarBotGraphicsPackForDiablo2Resurrected

    ceroenblancoceroenblanco23 godzin temu
  • you sir... you are a genius

    Pedro RoscoePedro RoscoeDzień temu
  • well, it's not entirely out of the question that I will be alive 06.06.66. Can't wait!

    canihavesomenameherecanihavesomenamehereDzień temu
  • I'd play Diablo with this graphics )

    Anton VAnton VDzień temu
  • I now have an alarm set for June 6th 2066 in anticipation for this totally not a prank graphics pack

    QuasarQuasarDzień temu
  • This is not a april fools, starcraft has cartooned version, not so long after d2 remastered is released this will be a thing, mark my word!

    markiz valdomarkiz valdoDzień temu
  • New features "microtransactions" LOL

    Mr ZeldionMr ZeldionDzień temu
  • Still less candy than D3

    Michał BD-LuxMichał BD-LuxDzień temu
  • New 4 skins!! Lmaooo

    Julio PerezJulio PerezDzień temu
  • if you make this a real thing, I'll pay for it.

    Æthenwulf _Æthenwulf _Dzień temu
  • wouldnt put past blizzard. loved the whole cartoon pack for SC edit: loved how over powering the music is in the video, very Diablo 1

    PorkChopVIIPorkChopVII2 dni temu
  • Me : When/where do i get/buy this!? look at description and see the upload date Me : I want to shove diablo soul stone in the ASS of the guy who created April fools...

    ブラジル人のオッサンブラジル人のオッサン2 dni temu
  • This should actually be a graphics pack for the D2 remaster.

    BlaineBlaine2 dni temu
  • Where can I preorder? 😳

    Péter BorsiPéter Borsi2 dni temu
  • Don't joke about these things you monster!

    Lasse KongoLasse Kongo2 dni temu
  • Say what you want about this April Fools joke. But at least it was IN season.

    Dreygen5Dreygen52 dni temu
  • i want to play this!

    Pro PlayerPro Player2 dni temu
  • this is how Diablo resurrected should be :v

    Vu PhamVu Pham2 dni temu
  • Remember the time when an actual april fools joke was a mobile Diablo haha..ha....haha.......haaaa....... I'm sad.

    Danny S.Danny S.2 dni temu
  • So the only april fools joke is the WiiU part, everything else is real?

    EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge2 dni temu
  • how fuckin dare you

    Dan KillenDan Killen3 dni temu
  • 갓겜

    백승호백승호3 dni temu
  • This amazon looks so much cuter then the ManZon in D2R.

    Luna Is beautifulLuna Is beautiful3 dni temu

    SebakaGamingSebakaGaming4 dni temu
  • lol wtf. Nice.

    Freedom 4LifeFreedom 4Life4 dni temu
  • Well, I guess I'll only have to wait 45 years until 6.6.2066, I'll still play it.

    Enrique Carrillo OlguinEnrique Carrillo Olguin4 dni temu
  • Let it be real!

    BakenekoBakeneko4 dni temu
  • Looks way better than the actual game lol

    Luis GiordanoLuis Giordano4 dni temu
  • Angels in the outfield on dvd?! SIGN ME UP

    NaloNalo4 dni temu
  • I thought this was real. Now I'm less tempted to get the game.

    animegx45animegx455 dni temu
  • Definitely playing this over the resurrected woke trash.

    Kohan KarasuKohan Karasu6 dni temu
  • 2066? lol this gotta be a joke right?

    good guygood guy6 dni temu

    Patryk WernerPatryk Werner7 dni temu
  • Can't wait for 6.6.2066

    Hansang YoonHansang Yoon7 dni temu
  • I hope you make a warcraft 3 version of, coz its waaaay better than the reforged version

    FebruariesFebruaries7 dni temu
  • One of those jokes that's actually a really good idea. I like it.

    DeathDeath7 dni temu
  • Would pay 40$ for it.

    Amanita MuscariaAmanita Muscaria8 dni temu
  • For the love of god make this true

    Marcelo PivatoMarcelo Pivato8 dni temu
  • If I have to wait until 2066 for this I will dammit!

    Jesse DrouinJesse Drouin8 dni temu
  • Aww Carbot you can't just do us dirty like this...

    X YX Y8 dni temu
  • Looks better than Diablo II: Resurrected, and far better than Diablo III.

    Logan ChouLogan Chou9 dni temu
  • i want this game 11

    KinGor SASKinGor SAS9 dni temu
  • I'd sooner give cash for Carbot graphics packs than an auction house.

    dorpthdorpth9 dni temu
  • if Blizzard made this happen, there might yet still be some semblance of hope at that dogshit bobby kotick moneychute.

    ArouxayisArouxayis9 dni temu
  • la skin de paladin xD

    Umanchy 555Umanchy 5559 dni temu

    Forest SkilbredForest Skilbred10 dni temu
  • I mean... Starcrafts skin started as an April Fools joke, then became real. Who's to say this won't be the same?

    EantrinEantrin11 dni temu
  • I'm not even kidding, I would play it d2 remaster if it looked like this. HAPPILY.

    RetroCNYRetroCNY11 dni temu
  • i want that!

    Alester Wick the Last ConsumerAlester Wick the Last Consumer11 dni temu
  • When does the Wii U come out?

    YourownerYourowner11 dni temu

    Stormtempter FStormtempter F11 dni temu
  • fuq 4.1

    Doorham LotharDoorham Lothar12 dni temu
  • Angels In The Outfield?! Sign me up!

    Matthew SawczynMatthew Sawczyn12 dni temu
  • MAKE... THIS.... HAPPEN!

    Jerry AtricksJerry Atricks12 dni temu
  • I wish this wasn't an April Fools joke, would so get this mod

    Huskers HuskyHuskers Husky13 dni temu
  • Merry Christmas to all !

    Дед морозДед мороз13 dni temu
  • Release date 06.06.66? I guess that's still sooner then Diablo 4 then.

    MemecenterMemecenter13 dni temu
  • This is bullshit. But I believe it.

    Empi3Empi313 dni temu
  • May be I'm crazy, but scenes from this video are mirroring scenes from official D2 Ressurected gameplay videos. So may it be kind of foreshadowing of D2R graphics pack? Please?

    FlowerFlower13 dni temu
  • This... hurts so bad, you had me for like a second because of star craft cartooned... I want this, I want this BAD

    Joshua LawlessJoshua Lawless13 dni temu
  • in 2066 I will be back here and I will be expecting a download link.

    bummer6bummer614 dni temu
  • Take all my money already lol! 😍 This needs to happen... No joke! 😁 Want my kidney? Or half a liver? I can offer a leg or two... You already got my heart and brain so what gives! 😂

    Juraj HezelJuraj Hezel14 dni temu
  • oh, isnt it book of demons?)

    wisdomelfwisdomelf14 dni temu
  • Release date 06.06.2066 🤔🤔 will be waiting in heaven/hell for this

    Beng Leong TohBeng Leong Toh14 dni temu
  • I love you, I hate you

    highwind99highwind9914 dni temu
  • i was excited for a second, then thought how is that blizzard hasnt sued carbot?? then saw the upload date was 1 april...

    Treyon DarenTreyon Daren14 dni temu
  • i would love to have a shirt with that cute demon hugging the mana sphere... ill take you whole stock pls...

    dee veedee vee14 dni temu
  • man this is very much needed. and it came out on april 2nd for me (australia) so it cant be a lie XD

    ContractContract15 dni temu
  • Oh wow! It looks Awesome! Great work! 🥳👍

    KanexKanex15 dni temu
  • This is D2 remaster we need.

    Euro StefanEuro Stefan15 dni temu
  • Not cool lol, havnt felt like this since being fooled as a kid! Keep up the work :)

    Jesse AultmanJesse Aultman15 dni temu
  • How is this not real thing? C'mon, i'd be willing to pay extra for this.

    Jeppe JokuJeppe Joku15 dni temu
  • Can you please make this... Like for real.

    Yannick PerottiYannick Perotti15 dni temu
  • 12:00 7235 infinite money!

    Cloud StrifeCloud Strife16 dni temu
  • at least its not on mobile ! also...damn it Mr.Carbot Bestfriend ! i REALLY want that now !

    Myself ThethirdMyself Thethird16 dni temu
  • Do it cost money?

    GAMING BOY XD RallaGAMING BOY XD Ralla16 dni temu
  • What a shit 😅🤣👍

    1987 ronin1987 ronin16 dni temu
  • This will sky rocket D2 Resurrected sales

    Zickery KungZickery Kung16 dni temu
  • I'd pay this before I'd pay diablo 4. Just sayin.

    JoeJoe16 dni temu
  • Where do I sign up for the "give us money auction house" lol

    VexorVexor16 dni temu
  • Take my money and do it already Blizzard.

    Krishna Chandra DasKrishna Chandra Das16 dni temu
  • I mean d3s been out awhile now hasn't it?

    KyleKyle16 dni temu
  • Oh MY GOSH! I am sooooo mad! 😠 You got my hopes up for this! Then crushed my dreams! AHHHH! 😑😩😖

    James Jones IIJames Jones II16 dni temu
  • Just realized that Carbot created a cartoon skin for Starcraft remaster We have hope.

    Max PortjankoMax Portjanko16 dni temu
    • 1st april

      ValkorionValkorion6 dni temu
  • I would definetely play this. And D3 cartooned too. SC2 cartooned was really fun. Unfortunatelly it's a joke

    Dmitri SheikoDmitri Sheiko16 dni temu
  • April Fools is usually supposed to end with both sides laughing, but so many times I see the joke being a product that people actually want. April Disappointments more like.

    GarbageDXGarbageDX16 dni temu
  • Yaaaaaay

    PotatoKittyPotatoKitty16 dni temu
  • Jokes aside, can we get this for d2r? I would love that

    DodgerJPSDodgerJPS16 dni temu
  • I'll play this adolescent trash less than D3.

    Nik TillyNik Tilly16 dni temu
  • The music is so good

    endlesshorizonendlesshorizon17 dni temu