HeroStorm Ep 46 Haters Gonna Hate

23 sie 2018
972 112 wyświetleń

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  • I really wish mephisto had talents, that affected the duration of the shade or allowed you to cancel it early. Maybe even a 20 allowing you to shade a second time, while shaded. (extending the duration, returning you to the second shade point for about .5 seconds then back to the origional point

    Jcee JamesJcee JamesMiesiąc temu
  • 1:06 lol his face D:

    Erick AriasErick AriasMiesiąc temu
  • Now that I know Mephisto's voice actor is Grandpa Max's from Ben 10, it's hard to hear anything else

    Tanooki BoyTanooki Boy5 miesięcy temu
  • Alarak actually being nice for once

    SCP 173SCP 1735 miesięcy temu
  • After seeing Alarak participates in tea party my life somehow feels more complete.

    Андреева ЕкатеринаАндреева Екатерина6 miesięcy temu
  • out of all carbot hero storm video, only Alarak voice is 120% match with and make it funnier with the content xD

    gemblengoongemblengoon6 miesięcy temu
  • we won!

    Nathan WhiteNathan White8 miesięcy temu
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    Owen WilsonOwen Wilson9 miesięcy temu
  • At 1:46 there is an enemy hero in this teaparty

    AlekAlek10 miesięcy temu
  • i dont care what anyone says, brightwing is the scariest, most evil psychopath in this whole game.

    Zugzug ZugzugsonZugzug Zugzugson10 miesięcy temu
  • mmmMMMmmMMMMmmm acceptable

    Eduardo BráulioEduardo Bráulio10 miesięcy temu
  • Brightwing: *turns stiches into a dead squirll* "we have done a good thing together!"

    SirSandmanSirSandman10 miesięcy temu
  • Alarakk ❤❤❤

    Wooopsy DaisyWooopsy Daisy11 miesięcy temu
  • Brightwing saying "you are a good person" to the lord of hatred. priceless.

    Ironeagle 777Ironeagle 777Rok temu
  • As much as I love your rendition of Mephisto, I think that the sight of him crashing tea parties doesn't fit well with his theme of Hatred. Going around and breaking stuff sounds more like Baal's thing to be honest.

    Pacific ViceroyPacific ViceroyRok temu
  • I cant believe i didn't see Puu bear before now

    TyreckTyreckRok temu
  • I love classy snob anub arak saying "Indubitably" hahahaha

    Aggelos MAggelos MRok temu
  • Meph's face gets me everytime

    DubsDubsRok temu

    Bryan DaigleBryan DaigleRok temu
  • Brughtwing shanking people is weirdly terrifying.

    Dul' MephistrophDul' MephistrophRok temu
  • Puu

    SuperDarknutSuperDarknutRok temu
  • when i get depressed i watch carbot...and then im happy again lol ty. carbot XD

    Christina SewellChristina SewellRok temu
  • you interrupt lili's tea party and you will be annihilated WITH DAEMONS ENDLESS DAEMONS BECAUSE AZMODAN IS AMAZING

    im nobody specialim nobody specialRok temu
  • mm exceptable

    Soviet HeavySoviet HeavyRok temu
  • Mephisto trying to steal the camp...

    aknoob100aknoob100Rok temu
  • Yeessss, we have done good thing together. U r a good person. Said brightwing while stabing someone.

    hung Hunghung HungRok temu
  • Holy fuck Abathur, never change.

    ArgonwolfprojectArgonwolfprojectRok temu
  • alarak rearranging the silverware is the best joke in this entire series and there are a lot of good ones change my mind

    AriaMae-AriaMae-Rok temu
  • Dat Alarak 👌🏻😂❤️

    Pedro WolffenbüttelPedro WolffenbüttelRok temu
  • That’s one way to bury a corps with little effort

    Blue LickBlue LickRok temu
  • This is probably my favourite episode. Who doesn't like a good tea party?

    whyryuaskingmewhyryuaskingmeRok temu
  • Lily has to be the funniest one along Chromie

    Dylan LDylan LRok temu
  • God, they really hit the jackpot when they got John de Lancie to play Alarak

    The GeneralissimoThe GeneralissimoRok temu
  • Finally realizing he’s slapping his elbow because his has no knees

    LordDerajLordDerajRok temu
  • I love the idea of alarak driving around on a segway giving orders

    SkeletonSkeletonRok temu
  • I love the :None can hide from the lord of hatred"

    Raimundo CastroRaimundo CastroRok temu
  • About a year late on this, but dang, Max Tennyson really getting into demonic nonsense.

    MalevalentMalevalentRok temu
  • Why this episode is not in HeroStorm playlist?

    Critzie lCritzie l2 lat temu
  • All this to deny them their tea. Mostly cruel and evil act of hatred.

    Makuta FirkaxMakuta Firkax2 lat temu
  • party pooper \

    Fumiroku GenFumiroku Gen2 lat temu
  • Cute panda

    멍뭉이멍뭉이2 lat temu
  • You love Abathur You love Abathur You love Abathur You love Abathur You love Abathur Everyone loves Abathur!

    Raffy ElRaffy El2 lat temu
  • I hate it when a demon that is the manifistation of hatred crashes the tea party

    SionRulezSionRulez2 lat temu
  • Alarak at a tea party makes me happy.

    The GeneralissimoThe Generalissimo2 lat temu
  • Did i comment on This?

    Diogo Santos SilvaDiogo Santos Silva2 lat temu
  • Im so cool

    Dul'Mephistos Lord of HatredDul'Mephistos Lord of Hatred2 lat temu
  • 0:56 lightning hula hoop

    SaurosthewiseSaurosthewise2 lat temu
  • brightwing scares me

    Chika RakChika Rak2 lat temu
  • I can usually understand your videos even if I don't really play the game in question much, but this one.. yeah I got no clue.

    Neenjah RammusNeenjah Rammus2 lat temu
  • I Just realized Mephisto was slapping his bottom elbow because he doesn't have knees.

    Danny DavisDanny Davis2 lat temu
  • Anyone else notice Brightwing had a knife?

    Stephan ReikenStephan Reiken2 lat temu
  • we are doing good things toghether. You are a good person.

    Guillaume MilabGuillaume Milab2 lat temu
  • hmmmm exceptable xD that was over my unlaughing ability.

    Guillaume MilabGuillaume Milab2 lat temu
  • Old Blizzard (Mefisto) Vs New Blizzard))))

    Project ChaosProject Chaos2 lat temu
  • 1:33

    BuddyidBuddyid2 lat temu
  • I not laughed this hard in a long time lol

    Elias DElias D2 lat temu
  • Hahahahahahahahahw YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST always makes my day xD

    GeNiOoHaZeLGeNiOoHaZeL2 lat temu
  • Alarak enjoying tea party while showing his dining table manner is the best thing ever

    Cao Sơn NguyễnCao Sơn Nguyễn2 lat temu
  • I think I saw that probe before

    麟2 lat temu
  • The shits have been disturbed and promptly electrified with a hula hoop

    ChocolateFish12345ChocolateFish123452 lat temu
  • There is a cute panda in this game? Huh...

    Swift NimblefootSwift Nimblefoot2 lat temu
  • Awwww that was the cutest alarak ever

    Farenhaid 1Farenhaid 12 lat temu
  • I know what’s wrong that guy was trolling after he trolling he back where he stand.. great trick

    StardaxStardax2 lat temu
  • just noticed that stitches wanted to go to the tea party to xDDD

    Listof playListof play2 lat temu
  • love it

    GothicSocietyClanGothicSocietyClan2 lat temu
  • 0:33 this cracked me up so much.

    BT-5 Soviet light tankBT-5 Soviet light tank2 lat temu
  • I like how he fixes the position of the utensils. lol I also like how the big guys just respawn and then carry Li Li off on their shoulders. :D

    Marc WMarc W2 lat temu
  • I'm always confused as to weither the two dots on Abathurs face are his eyes or part of his nose. Looks darn cute with a snout tho.

    SkweeSkwee2 lat temu
  • I love the end’s party crush.

    CammykinsCammykins2 lat temu
  • Needs an alternate ending where Mephisto gets webbed up by Anub and then forced to participate in tea party

    GrockstubeGrockstube2 lat temu
  • I love how Mephisto is freaked out by brightwing. BTW, ultimate evolution brightwing has the creepiest voicelines ever.

    Mihai BudanMihai Budan2 lat temu
  • I love the Moment when Alarak tastes the tea and is obviously (the sound and expression) enjoying it and then tries to hide it fast and forces himself to say unimpressed "acceptable" ^.^

    HazrorHazror2 lat temu
  • came here for Mephisto, stayed for Alarak

    DovahkiniaDovahkinia2 lat temu
  • Lili

    Kumo OkrufoKumo Okrufo2 lat temu
  • Is it just me or is Mephisto kind of a dick?

    MichaelMichael2 lat temu
    • I mean, he is the Lord of Hatred.

      Gat the ManGat the Man2 lat temu
  • His namn is mepisto

    สุรีรัตน์ เศรษโฐสุรีรัตน์ เศรษโฐ2 lat temu
  • Why isn't this part of the playlist?

    uGuardianuGuardian2 lat temu
  • We really need a Brightwing animation

    FrenchDippFrenchDipp2 lat temu
  • Nice Smash meme

    JabalsalJabalsal2 lat temu

    Hiroe WHiroe W2 lat temu
  • 0:53 Mephisto confirmed for Smash.

    Pleasant WhalePleasant Whale2 lat temu
  • LOL ad before the video xD

    SavageDroggo1217SavageDroggo12172 lat temu
  • Am I the only one that thinks Brightwing+Abathur combo is more evil than the freaking Mephisto? xD

    RynerRyner2 lat temu
  • I'll screw him up because of interrupting the tea party

    kaung kaungkaung kaung2 lat temu
  • Add this one to the play list! ty

    AlejandroAlejandro2 lat temu
  • I have a question... Who is the bear at the end?... is Misha? Where is Rexxar?... It says Puu... i assume for copyright reasons... But, if it is... it means is a team of 6... (Ana, Murky, Probius, Lili, Anub and Alarak)... I know im overthinking it.... but... i love too much this episode.

    Gian Lorenzo BlancoGian Lorenzo Blanco2 lat temu

    Big TBig T2 lat temu
  • Mephisto has no chill.

    Vuk KneževićVuk Knežević2 lat temu
  • anub, such a gentleman

    WildfireWildfire2 lat temu
  • Somebody tell blizzard: we need an Anub'Arak skin with: A MUSTACHE AND A MONACLE!

    Ironeagle 777Ironeagle 7772 lat temu
  • Love how Mephisto uses TFS' Goku's Instant Transmission XD Well played

    MC_GamingMC_Gaming2 lat temu
  • If Mephisto was luigi this scene wouldn't exist

    StridurStridur2 lat temu
  • 0:56 I like how Murky respawns only to immediately die again and have his egg destroyed XD

    ThePyrodarThePyrodar2 lat temu
  • yur getting every requested hero, now we just have to wait until the adjutant exists

    GarturmanGarturman2 lat temu
  • This guy's a jerk

    MichaelaMichaela2 lat temu
  • Ok my best friend, you was totally right about Mephisto.

    Denis MarushkoDenis Marushko2 lat temu

    BoneguardBoneguard2 lat temu
  • So Mephisto can 1v6? :D 1:46

    Offline65Offline652 lat temu
  • Brightwing freaks out even the Lord of Hatred

    RampantSarcasmRampantSarcasm2 lat temu
  • Nooo ! Someone pls stop him from ruining tea parties :O

    Elliot DecElliot Dec2 lat temu