HeroStorm Ep 42 Yrelly Makin Me Mad

16 cze 2018
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  • lmfaoo 1:38 reminded me of myself when I played Burning Crusade back in 2009

    Daftlife909Daftlife90910 dni temu
  • tank army lol

    lurker StarCraftlurker StarCraft19 dni temu
  • Yrel my beloved fantasy waifu with the perfect Draenei armor 😁 I simp for Yrel so hard xDD

    CandyCaneKnightCandyCaneKnight3 miesięcy temu
  • You're hilarious, there isn't a single video that didn't make me laugh.Thanks man, for all your work.

    6yHaP6yHaP4 miesięcy temu
  • Wait you can bubble hearth in HOS?

    Mohamed SabryMohamed Sabry4 miesięcy temu
  • As Yrel main, the video feels more relatable than it should be possible

    Lia LiaLia Lia4 miesięcy temu
  • 1:40 lmao that sounds exactly like trumptards

    Ng TonyNg Tony4 miesięcy temu

    Max XmMax Xm5 miesięcy temu
  • F Maraad

    Воздоятель МараадВоздоятель Мараад5 miesięcy temu
  • 리리 너무 귀여워!

    장현정장현정6 miesięcy temu
  • always suspected the creeps were making those forum threads

    sasha_ytubesasha_ytube7 miesięcy temu
  • When you have trouble keeping concentration on your spell smites...

    Atticus KirkAtticus Kirk7 miesięcy temu
  • I understand the orc at 1:40 going on forums lol

    JoshJosh8 miesięcy temu
  • 0:34 that one orc lmaooo

    GrisileGrisile9 miesięcy temu
  • the orc complaining on wow forums its me

    Stannis The MantisStannis The Mantis9 miesięcy temu
  • Gracie fo 1 millionien views on one HOTS video!

    Smile PsyduckSmile Psyduck10 miesięcy temu
  • 02:03 01:54 0:22

    Terri BurkhartTerri Burkhart11 miesięcy temu
  • 이게 역대급으로 재밌었지ㅋㅋ

    유튜브배운히드라리스크유튜브배운히드라리스크Rok temu
  • 0:21 omfg! The reference!

    Devyn DesrosiersDevyn DesrosiersRok temu
  • yes orc bro' Aliance is noob and Horde is the best! Lok'tar ogaaaaaaaaaaaaar! :D

    VoroxVoroxRok temu

    Daniel AlmeidaDaniel AlmeidaRok temu
  • 1:02 best part!

    HartiaHartiaRok temu
  • dat photo tho..

    김욱현김욱현Rok temu
  • Make an Alliance vs. Horde episode please.

    Ken Lenard NavarroKen Lenard NavarroRok temu

    Riften GuardRiften GuardRok temu
  • 😲

    Mad MaxMad MaxRok temu
  • Mak

    Mad MaxMad MaxRok temu
    • 😀💘😂😂😂😂😂

      Mad MaxMad MaxRok temu
    • M. AkCNM

      Mad MaxMad MaxRok temu
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    asrickman1asrickman1Rok temu
  • That orc is a true keyboard warrior.

    Phoenix From the AshesPhoenix From the AshesRok temu
  • 01:13 Anub'arak burrowing through the wall

    The Archons of JeremiasThe Archons of JeremiasRok temu
  • I mean he's not wrong about the no brain thing

    Wisdom Manari'Wisdom Manari'Rok temu
  • What's the song that starts playing at 0:56?

    Skeleton KingSkeleton KingRok temu
    • @Kühn Andreas oh dude thanks so much! At this point I had given up on the hope that someone would answer!

      Skeleton KingSkeleton King7 miesięcy temu
    • its from the standard WoW theme that plays on the login screen. 1 minute and 37 seconds into the soundtrack.

      Kühn AndreasKühn Andreas7 miesięcy temu
  • 0:09 Tobrac has died 0:27 Tobrac has enabled Rapid deployment 0:29 Tobrac has died 0:30 Tobr- 0:32 To- T- Tobrac has died 0:34 Tobrac has died Armor repair cost: about 20 gold

    MrRay568MrRay568Rok temu
  • My main is so KAWAIIIII !!!!!!!!

    Bryan DaigleBryan DaigleRok temu
  • Lol carbot's favoring the horde as horde's not godlike but he edited it as if they were. But they arn't The Alliance won bfa.

    Turiel The Protector of SecretsTuriel The Protector of SecretsRok temu
  • i dont even know whats Yrel job in this game. Meh tank, wet noodle lvl dmg, cant rly do camps.

    Sirgan SSirgan SRok temu
  • 0:22 Is that a Carbot reference ?

    Sar DaukSar DaukRok temu
  • 1:38 he's right tho :P

    GobbohGobbohRok temu
  • See the troll that did not give a **** at 1:30 ? I was that horde nonchalant troll.

    Phil LeBorgnePhil LeBorgneRok temu
  • 0:34 intense fence slamming

    Rick SacchinsRick SacchinsRok temu

    Deniz Cem KayaDeniz Cem KayaRok temu
  • 1:03 Super Smash Bros Brawl reference

    捷Rok temu
  • jajaja orco toxico

    Antonio FloresAntonio FloresRok temu
  • blog.naver.com/7heppy7 We made it well.

    Black holeBlack holeRok temu
  • Wait. Why did that guy have a giraffe's(?) Family photos?

    Harry GuidottiHarry GuidottiRok temu

    Уробо́рос _Уробо́рос _Rok temu
  • 1:45 yeah, he got it spot on XD

    Luke AlvarezLuke AlvarezRok temu
  • replay the forum moment N times. its so true and so hilarious at the same time!) awesome!

    Золотая СерединаЗолотая СерединаRok temu
  • Damn Lili has a big nose.....

    zombine64zombine64Rok temu
  • 0:19 aww, nice reference to wowcrafts :D

    KingLichKingLichRok temu
  • Me in Diablo 3 trying to use my op wizard spells. 0:38. Then I just use electrode.

    Erik PittsErik PittsRok temu

    im nobody specialim nobody special2 lat temu
  • my experience in heroes of the storm in a shellnut

    im nobody specialim nobody special2 lat temu
  • let's make a petition to replace all Anub's voice lines to "Indubitably"

    HeliosHelios2 lat temu
  • The rage quit at the end was hilarious. Feeds his buddy a rock off the ground before the rage typing lol

    zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcbazyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba2 lat temu
  • This video was Made in ogrimar...

    Duke FrostfellDuke Frostfell2 lat temu
  • How is it possible that every short you make hits me right in the funnybone? And the "daaaawww" bone?

    FrostmourneFKFrostmourneFK2 lat temu
  • Mb this is wow?

    Ivan IvanivIvan Ivaniv2 lat temu
  • wait wait WAIT! carabot did u just use the warcraft 2 human victory sound in the last clip???? :o

    Shaher GhrewatiShaher Ghrewati2 lat temu
  • the callback to wowcraft with the giraffe family pictures.

    AveraxAverax2 lat temu
  • Some1 can tell what is the music here? plworld.info/show/fH9sZ7vTeXvdlZM/wideo.html

    Raernor RecklessRaernor Reckless2 lat temu
    • Soooo.... id did finded it. It's a main theme from WoW Classic ._.

      Raernor RecklessRaernor RecklessRok temu
  • One of the funniest episodes ever. I keep rewatching to this day the part where they close the door and the rock toss. I just die laughing at them.

    Robert StoyanovRobert Stoyanov2 lat temu
  • 1:10-1:13 is the classic example of "you know what?!?!?!? FUCK YOU!" Lol

    Elias DElias D2 lat temu
  • Nice easter egg with the giraffe pics. +1000

    For The HordeFor The Horde2 lat temu
  • i need to know how to make the orc sounds when hes angry, its killing me for how funny it is and i wanna mock friends with it

  • 1:08 lol

    El Trululu CósmicoEl Trululu Cósmico2 lat temu
  • 1:08 Body check

    ffarkasmffarkasm2 lat temu

    BG - 12MJ 629347 Port Credit SSBG - 12MJ 629347 Port Credit SS2 lat temu
  • Jajaja buen video

    atgameplaysatgameplays2 lat temu
  • omfg love the callback there with yrel in the enemy tower

    gerard keipergerard keiper2 lat temu
  • That ork at the end killed me

    bbbusterbbbuster2 lat temu
  • OH its the orc form the first episodes of wowCraft (carbot)

    tartipousstartipouss2 lat temu
  • Complaining of a WoW problem in Heroes of the Storm. This is why I love Carbot so much XD

    GerrionGerrion2 lat temu
  • What's the song that starts playing at 0:56?

    Skeleton KingSkeleton King2 lat temu
  • 0:10

    Jonathan LitzJonathan Litz2 lat temu
  • jajajaajjaajjaja

    Ahzek AhrimanAhzek Ahriman2 lat temu
  • There's a marine in those 3 photos!!!

    Sparkling GalaxySparkling Galaxy2 lat temu
  • jajajaj amazing :D

    LegnaruLegnaru2 lat temu
  • That dude 0:33

    iSTelios IViSTelios IV2 lat temu
  • Blizzad could make a game mode inspired by these animations where the matches would be recklessly crazies. xD

    Roberto Vasconcelos EluanRoberto Vasconcelos Eluan2 lat temu
  • Жиза)

    WendIlRexWendIlRex2 lat temu
  • 1:39 noob alienc 😂😂😂😂

    DkTrombar DávidDkTrombar Dávid2 lat temu

    Bulent CetinBulent Cetin2 lat temu
  • Horde> Alliance Forever

    -Rage'- bLacKouT-Rage'- bLacKouT2 lat temu
  • The wowcraft reference

    ZergologistZergologist2 lat temu
  • someone should write that post

    Tyson LyTyson Ly2 lat temu
  • The best bit by far was lili throwing cups

    SmartFox FilmsSmartFox Films2 lat temu
  • that orc... those giraffe photos, oh no I'm crying again :(.. almost 4 years

    TacotesTacotes2 lat temu
  • Lol fuckin LiLi

    Tuscani JTuscani J2 lat temu
  • i never noticed until recently that when garrosh throws lili, she sounds like chromie!

    DivockDivock2 lat temu
  • 아........

    장현정장현정2 lat temu
  • hahahaha omg this was the best! Thank you for this!

    KibaWolf04KibaWolf042 lat temu
  • 00:55 i can't recognise music from can someone help me?

    LucaGenasLucaGenas2 lat temu
    • plworld.info/show/aGBnlsuXkZ-slpM/wideo.html Skip to about 1:40.

      atrius001atrius0012 lat temu
  • A new favorite.

    VampVamp2 lat temu
  • 0:20 It could easily be interpreted as Brutosaurus family photos, which makes me think.. There's that questline in Zuldazar where you play Brutosaurus matchmaker, you know?

    Alex ThorneAlex Thorne2 lat temu
  • Yeah I gotcha. Yrel is making me hard too. Wait...oooh..you said mad,not..yeah ok that's what I meant.

    Barokai ReinBarokai Rein2 lat temu
  • GuénaGuéna2 lat temu
  • 한줄설명한다 천상의 보호막 리얼극혐

    lee is470lee is4702 lat temu

    Hiroe WHiroe W2 lat temu
  • 1:38 I want to upvote that post 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hanzo HattoriHanzo Hattori2 lat temu