Summoners War 7th Anniversary (Get 100 Free Scrolls)

29 kwi 2021
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  • Yay. I got my 4. Velajuel.. ..No this isnt a joke >:( I got a second 5 star lightning. Now with a choice from 2 nat 5s, cause i turned my 4. Vela in gems and bought this blessing. I got a choice from ritesh - that i allready have and a hathor - that i allready have - _ - I hate this Anniversary :(

    ShadowWolfShadowWolf11 godzin temu
  • Carbot? Summoner's war??? WHY???????????

    SoLunaSoLuna5 dni temu
  • i dont realy like this video but it makes me happy to know that carbot makes alot of money doing it so that he can continue with the fun animations we all love

    Robin SpanierRobin Spanier5 dni temu
  • That game is shit but i still liked animation.

    MedievalMedieval5 dni temu
  • 0.o. I watch your paid ads sure, but they don't make me want to play these games. these are just good entertainment value.

    ScylonScylon6 dni temu
  • That ghost dancing is just adorable.

    Kmpg os4Kmpg os46 dni temu
  • wow...the only Carbot video i dislike! I really don't want to unsubscribe, but if there more of this, then I'm out.

    nic0003nic00036 dni temu
  • +100 free scrolls - 99% loot rolls

    NorbNorb8 dni temu
  • Yeah. 100 scrolls-0 lightning. Good job F..k2Us, best action ever.

    Дмитрий АксеновДмитрий Аксенов8 dni temu
  • Nice cute video, don't know why there's so many down votes though, like damn

    JamesEDonaldsonJamesEDonaldson9 dni temu
  • Animate Wakfu (which is already animated xD, animation inception)

    Abraham VivasAbraham Vivas9 dni temu
  • I both liked for carbot sponsorship money and disliked because of the game.

    mArK!!!!!!!!!!mArK!!!!!!!!!!10 dni temu
  • A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

    CuriousDustCuriousDust10 dni temu
  • oh yeah getting lushen from a normal scroll Kappa

    TUNERTUNER10 dni temu
  • Cool add animation get a like don't know why ppl don't like it it look great and it was fun.

    Charlé OuelCharlé Ouel10 dni temu
  • This was adorable.

    Hadron VHadron V10 dni temu
  • That game was actually REALLY good once, then it became p2w, and grindfest...

    Tomislav HranietzscheTomislav Hranietzsche10 dni temu
  • If you made all commercials for handy games....i play them all^^

    KatzenpalmeKatzenpalme10 dni temu
  • 😂👌🏽

    Adrien CoppetAdrien Coppet10 dni temu
  • Good for Summoner War getting the Carbot treatment, even if I don't know what this game is.

    Daniel SkeltonDaniel Skelton10 dni temu
  • Please somebody tell me name of this song

    Иван МихайловИван Михайлов10 dni temu
  • More SW Videos please. I love this game

    EdensiaEdensia10 dni temu
  • I think SW is a big gacha scam, but... whatever it needs to be done to make Carbot happy and give him money to make more HOTS video...

    Schimiter89Schimiter8910 dni temu
  • I love this, thank you so much Carbot!!

    DisAsionDisAsion11 dni temu
  • Man, I love that a game thought that its best selling point is getting free pulls. It's so direct and to the point about how predatory it is lol

    eimazdeimazd11 dni temu
  • Volume check, friend. Please.

    SuckstoneSuckstone11 dni temu
  • i don't mind the ad, but i don't like how there isnt any notification in the title thumbnail or video that is an ad.

    crion1998crion199811 dni temu
  • I like videos like this because they mean more money for Carbot!

    Fred RiddlesFred Riddles11 dni temu
  • Anyone hearing SSB sounds?

    Erik WollumErik Wollum11 dni temu
  • Even the Carbot advertisements are dope.

    Gavx OnlineGavx Online11 dni temu
  • Man, I totally forgot about this game, and now I'm filled with nostalgia.

    MrTroiMrTroi11 dni temu
  • Wtf is this shit?!

    Nikolay RayanovNikolay Rayanov11 dni temu
  • ммм шако ой перепутал .ЛЮШШШЕЕЕЕН.

    Ильнур ИбятовИльнур Ибятов11 dni temu
  • ооооуууу еееее.....Не .Десйствительно приятно)

    Ильнур ИбятовИльнур Ибятов11 dni temu
  • I still want ricca she is rly nice for dot teams. Rly nice to see you make s.w. Videos would love to see more from this :D

    Spi daSpi da11 dni temu
  • Why so many downvotes?

    Artikel der 13.Artikel der 13.11 dni temu
  • As a 7 years SW player and a proud follower of your channel since RoS release I thank you for this very SW clip !

    J JEROMEJ JEROME11 dni temu
  • Whäaaaaat my best friend carbot meeting my most shameful gacha addiction ?! Livin the dream

    DooradDoorad11 dni temu
    • Same here!

      J JEROMEJ JEROME11 dni temu
  • Not interested in the game at all. But Carbot man I hope you are doing well best friend. I'm fine to watch a short ad and click a like button if it helps support you.

    bubbaattackbubbaattack11 dni temu

    PugironPugiron11 dni temu
  • This is the cutest cancer ad ever.

    alfasilverbladealfasilverblade11 dni temu
  • "Get away from zhe shummonerrrr!"

    neksuscatneksuscat11 dni temu
  • lol carbot is doing SW vids too?? amasing!

    Guillermo MalloGuillermo Mallo11 dni temu
  • wtf is this?

    dimkacrackerdimkacracker11 dni temu
  • Неочень(

    TusevichTusevich11 dni temu
  • N0

    Bernd BerndBernd Bernd11 dni temu
  • it is pay2win?

    MoAMoA11 dni temu
    • Played it a few years back. Sure seemed like pay2win.

      anotherfacelessuseranotherfacelessuser11 dni temu
  • why does the voice sound so weird, was the channel hacked or something, the description is pure garbage, wtf is this

    RaTcHeT302RaTcHeT30211 dni temu
  • 100 free disappointment scrolls.

    Grim DarhkGrim Darhk11 dni temu
  • 100 crap is not worth it. Nothing guarantee.

    Max MadmaxMax Madmax11 dni temu
  • SW Animation Oo

    EvilUrameshiEvilUrameshi11 dni temu
  • Why do people downvote our BesFren getting sponsor moneyz

    MelindaMelinda11 dni temu
  • Очередная донатная мобильная помойка

    SkandalistSkandalist11 dni temu
  • I swear, Carbot is the only one that can make me excited to see an ad.

    Bllurr1Bllurr111 dni temu
  • What the hell was this supposed to be? It is a day of advertisement? Cyanide and Happiness had 60% of video as ADD, this is 100% of a video add.. I had no idea what is it about untill I realized it is probably for some kind of a game..

    BrusLeeBrusLee11 dni temu
  • Find yourself a partner that looks at you the way this little bird looks at free scrolls 😍

    Jack HammerJack Hammer11 dni temu
  • I’m thoroughly convinced that Carbot can make ANY character look cute.

    Mooga MoogaMooga Mooga11 dni temu
  • 0:23 mmm delicious epilepsy

    FO18LFO18L11 dni temu
  • For all those that want to try this game. After reaching lvl 50 and playing a month or two - set your end goal. Don't let the grind consume you. My end goal was finishing all PvE content with A+ rank and higher. I did it and uninstalled the game. Finished without spending a single dollar. But if someone asked me was the time spent worth it? I would say no. There are better games out there. I strongly suggest staying away from grind or P2W games in general.

    Jase_LVJase_LV11 dni temu
  • 한국에서 유일하게 판호를 획득한 유일겜

    박수성박수성11 dni temu
  • Make dat green my best friend!! That event is already half way over though.

    Phillip TrumpPhillip Trump11 dni temu
  • Been playing this for years, 100 scrolls and I only get fire monkey >:|

    Vinícius NegrãoVinícius Negrão11 dni temu
  • Carbot уже на донатные помойки перешел...

    Dream MasterDream Master11 dni temu
  • But then, you’re legit selling gambling to children, so no, never mind my earlier chill comment, fuck you.

    Comrade DanComrade Dan11 dni temu
  • Must be tough to keep the lights on when stewardship from blizzard sucks so much balls. Sorry you have to demean your brand like this-I know wouldn’t if you didn’t have to. Cheers

    Comrade DanComrade Dan11 dni temu
  • This isn't what I subscribed for.

    TheFlyingMageTheFlyingMage11 dni temu
  • competetive mobile esports game with pay2win microtransactions, good joke Carbot but grats on the sponsorship, the animation was cool

    originalkhawkoriginalkhawk11 dni temu
  • I mean, Wind Jester isn't a bad pull. I remember back when that dude was fairly solid, like.. years ago. So power creep probably exists. Also what, no Magic Knight? Still, this was fun and cute, but not enough to make me go back. Though... maybe for a little bit, just for Carbot.

    Li AllenLi Allen11 dni temu
  • Been playing this game for what certainly feels like 7 years. Thank you for showing some love Carbot

    Jack of All NerdsJack of All Nerds11 dni temu
  • already 7 years since the beginning of this plague ? Times fly

    Vladek16Vladek1611 dni temu
  • I don’t understand this at all but I will watch anyways

    bird3713bird371311 dni temu
    • I'm not sure, but when I played Raid Shadow Legends and watched videos, I got recommendations about Summoner Wars, that released much earlier than Raid Shadow Legends andit was like that but with less donation and with cartoon anime style graphics.

      eXtreamAngeleXtreamAngel8 dni temu
    • Me too. But i gues its some kind of afk arena add.

      Dynamik FalcoDynamik Falco10 dni temu
  • 1:15 lmao that earthworm Jim reference. I love it haha

    Juanma PosadaJuanma Posada11 dni temu
    • Explain it pls

      Elías AlbaElías Alba8 dni temu
  • Carbot uses 1 Mystical scroll *gets Lushen Me use 100 Mystical scroll *This is my 359th Warbear sigh

    Andrew FerrerAndrew Ferrer11 dni temu

    OMG Its a Funky ShitOMG Its a Funky Shit11 dni temu
  • yaayyy lootboxes.... and p2w

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez11 dni temu
  • Nope Carby, just nope

    Edmund DukeEdmund Duke11 dni temu
  • So I would normally not do this on this channel because most stuff carbot animates and promotes is fun and light hearted. But I implore you to take this warning to heart. I used to play summoners war about 4-5 years ago for a little over a year. During that time I've been involved in all the content and even join a guild. I must warn you that if you are loose with your money or prone to addictions, do not... ABSOLUTELY DO NOT play this game. Most of the "playing" is just tapping start every now and then and it's just autoing. You're not really playing a game you're being drawn into a addiction machine designed to siphon you out as much money as possible. I've seen people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on this game just for a little more efficiency. There are other actual fun and engaging games to play for cheap. I mean it's a mobile game what do you expect? Stay away!

    WillisJA92WillisJA9211 dni temu
    • I have never seen a need to spend money. Also for me it's not about the fighting (unless I play PvP) but about assembling teams and runes.

      Evil TomEvil Tom11 dni temu
  • Mobile E-sports? =does not compute= =error error= Seriously, calling a mobile game an e-sport is like calling a mobile game player a gamer. i enjoyed summoner's war, seven years ago. When it first came out. I have not played since. it was basically anime monsters and waifus. At least pokemon has a story.

    Bryan LariviereBryan Lariviere11 dni temu
  • This thing is still alive?

    SarethSareth11 dni temu
  • Жесть неожиданно. Я думал про св никто не слышал

    Петр ГонтарьПетр Гонтарь11 dni temu
  • Well. That was fun. They made an ad fun. Niiice! 👍🏼👍🏼

    Red Elf Shot the FoodRed Elf Shot the Food11 dni temu
  • Well i wasnt expecting this for sure, a nice surprise, Ok after reading the comments, yeah the game is full of microtransactions but you can bypass them, the game offers 3 buildings to farm gems (the paid resource in the game) and with daily quests and a lot af events you always a way to get energy, mana and stuff, is a lower start compared to a dude that pays 5 minutes after insatalling the game, sure, but is enjoiyable, and i say it being a f2p player since the beggining of the game

    Josh LentiniJosh Lentini11 dni temu
    • It’s a pretty nice ftp experience in my opinion. I enjoyed my time playing. 100 scrolls is borderline completely worthless but that’s something else. I’m just glad Carbot can enjoy these sponsors

      A Living OdysseyA Living Odyssey11 dni temu
  • Tuu Tuu Tu Tu Tuu Tuuu Tuu Tuuu...

    ДоминусДоминус11 dni temu
  • Fuck mobile "games". And no i do not have a phone... to play games.

    Tarsis IstervalTarsis Isterval11 dni temu
  • ad should be marked as such

    KraflynKraflyn11 dni temu
  • OK, at this point I have to ask - I fully understand Carbot has to do stuff to stay operational... so why not directly to Raid: Shadow Legends? They pay a lot as far as I'm aware... No judging - you gotta do, what you gotta do

    OokamiOokami11 dni temu
    • @AngryPotato Well... from what I've seen, Raid is pretty generous regarding Twitch, but it's true YT has different team, which is less generous (as far as I heard, feel free to correct me on this one) I don't think Carbot has "not enough views" though... you might be correct about bad PR among viewers, but let's be honest, they did Black Desert a few times already (and BD doesn't have good name among players either... or at least didn't have when people still knew about it), this is a mobile game apparently and - if I'm not mistaken - this is not the first one, is it? (not sure again, when it's non-Blizz content, I just click on it to get them Ad view and zone off) I sure do hope they didn't do this one because they like the game though :) And I surely wouldn't mind if they would get jolly cooperation with Raid... since Blizzard cut them off from HotS Animations, I think their budget is not great... so whatever makes them continue, I won't call them "sellouts" :)

      OokamiOokami11 dni temu
    • Form what I've learned from ads & marketing companies, It's often much more complicated than we - viewers - perceive. A few possible reasons: - Raid might not like Carbot's channel (not enough views, not enough subscribers, not enough growth, other statistics, the audience isn't within company's target, too little real people shown in videos, too short videos etc.) - Carbot might not want to cooperate with Raid (too bad opinion among viewers, personally disliking the game or company, too long ad required, too many lines of text required, specific text to be said that's against Carbot's views, not enough money for time/effort spent) Any reason would be enough :)

      AngryPotatoAngryPotato11 dni temu
    • Maybe it’s not about the money, could just be they like summoners war

      Skylar TrahanSkylar Trahan11 dni temu
  • Can you drew animation HEROES MIGHT AND MAGIC 5 (HOMM 5 ) please 🙏

    Алексей ЗахаровАлексей Захаров11 dni temu
  • sadly just a cheap add

    GemoronGemoron11 dni temu
  • 1:14 why did this gave me club penguin vibes?

    RexRex11 dni temu
    • More like earthworm Jim lol

      Juanma PosadaJuanma Posada11 dni temu
  • My father has been playing this game for years, didnt expect a cartoon for this, he can die now happy.

    Edwin mauricio Vasquez BeltranEdwin mauricio Vasquez Beltran11 dni temu
  • Is it me or does Carbot always sound like they are completely fit shaced all the time.. lol 😂😁🤣

    Ghastly10Ghastly1011 dni temu
    • wayyyyumeeen? ;)

      KammikatzeKammikatze11 dni temu
  • херовая реклама для херовой игры)

    Кайхе ОлолоКайхе Ололо11 dni temu
  • Ive played the game since veromos was the most recent fusion unit.

    Zerou VermillionZerou Vermillion11 dni temu
  • Sponsorship Moneeeey let's goo. I don't mind a video like this once in a while to make sure my best friend get's paid for his work

    MH DuckyMH Ducky11 dni temu
  • PogChamp Carbot and Summoners War Best colaboration ever 😍

    Pepa BepixPepa Bepix11 dni temu
  • wut who wat

    AraylieAraylie11 dni temu
  • Yes we all know this is the standard kind of cashgrab chinese 'mobile esports' game no one here will like, but keep in mind that these companies have shitloads of money to literally just burn away on content creators, so I'm just gonna leave a like to support Carbot and so should you.

    Stefan de JongStefan de Jong11 dni temu
    • lol probably just like every other mobile game of pushing people into buying loot boxes.

      dimkacrackerdimkacracker11 dni temu
    • Uhm. It's a really good game.Like the Theme of the video suggests it has been around for 7 years now and the developement of the game seems to be cared about. Also I have never seen a need to spend money.

      Evil TomEvil Tom11 dni temu
    • The game is actually fun on the free to play end, give it a go

      KorialanderKorialander11 dni temu
  • The character looks great

    Nahruz HyrulNahruz Hyrul11 dni temu
  • that to heroic

    markis kazmarkis kaz11 dni temu
  • this is the kind of thing karen spams invites to on Facebook for more premium currency

    SandMasta BryanSandMasta Bryan11 dni temu